A Weary Heart Rejoices


Jack grew up in a very abusive home, and each blow he sustained from a fist or a hostile word took root in his soul. “My life was filled with anger. I was ticked off at the world,” he says. 

He hid his emotions, repressed his feelings for many years, not knowing where to turn for help. “I held them in for so long that when I finally did show my feelings, I snapped,” he says. “I got in a lot of fights.” 

Eventually, Jack wound up in jail on an assault charge. That was his wake-up call. He’d had enough. “I decided in there that I was going to get my life together, one way or another,” he says. 

When he was released, Jack came to Great Falls Rescue Mission and entered our Christian Discipleship Program. “I had no spirituality whatsoever when I got here, but I put my whole heart and soul into the program,” he says. 

Jack surrendered his life to the Lord and was set free from the anger that had bound him all his life. “I’ve put all my trust and faith in God, and when I have any troubles or anything, I go to Him,” he says. 

Jack has now graduated from the program, has his own place and works at our Thrift Store. “I’m still going strong. I still read my Bible every day and go to church every Sunday,” he says. “I just want to continue doing the good work I’m doing.” 

When he sees his life today and compares it to just a few years ago, Jack is thrilled by his transformation thanks to God’s love in his life – and your support. “If it wasn’t for the Mission, I wouldn’t be where I am now,” he says. “They’ve been behind me from the beginning. They really changed my life.”

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